Great News

coco palmsCoco Palms has some great and exciting news! She started taking glucosamine supplements earlier this week and is moving around ¬†a lot better. She’s got a little more pep in her step. You can imagine how excited we all feel and RELIEVED. If you don’t give you dog these supplements, definitely consider it. It can be a little pricey, but so so worth it for your dogs health.

Next up, Coco needs a much needed bath. She got some syrup on her head somehow. I suspect a certain 9 year old boy got a little messy at breakfast time. He won’t admit it, but us parents know better ūüėČ

Anyways, that’s all I have updated for today. Expect a more in depth article on supplements you can give you dog soon!

Coco’s Memory Issues

coco palmsThis is Coco Palms’ owner, Kristin, ¬†writing to you on Coco’s behalf. My darling pup has been feeling ill as of late. She’s 12 years old after all so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised by some of the symptoms she’s showing, but it all sort of snuck up on me. It’s like one day Coco Palms was running around happy and fairly healthy. She’s always had a little bit of a limp and a tremor. Not sure if those have been present her entire like, but they’ve been around for the 5 years I’ve known ¬†and had the pleasure of owning her.

More recently, Coco P has been displaying some cognitive issues. She’s not as sharp as she used to be. She barks at things that don’t make sense. For example, she suddenly started to bark whenever she sees her reflection in the mirror. I began to wonder if my beautiful girl is having memory issues. Should I put her on some sort of supplement? Maybe¬†memory pills? I dunno. It’s so hard to know what’s the right decision. I just want the best for her. This isn’t the first time her health’s been an issue.

She’s had a couple of incidents that have scared the crap out of me. First thing that happened was her back going out. This occurred about 6 months after owning her. ¬†It seemed to happen out of no where. All of a sudden she was hunched over. She didn’t want to go outside, and I had to carry her down the small set of stairs out of my apartment building. I immediately call off work (who wouldn’t for a family member?) and took her to the vet. It was her back. Perhaps a strained muscle. She received muscle relaxers and some pain relievers. Add to that some rest and she was good to go by the end of the week. It was a wake up call. My mind went to worst case scenario and I imagined having to put her to sleep. I ¬†was so scared. I truly treasured Coco P much more after that whole fiasco. Her back issue popped up again about a year later. ¬†The treatment was the same. Still not sure of the cause, but I’m just glad it’s not happening more frequently.

I see the changes in her and it scares me. She’s having trouble going up and down the stairs now. She was never great at them, but she managed. What happens when she no longer can do the stairs? We went to the park yesterday and she had to sit down every minute or so. It seems like her hind legs are weak or in some sort of discomfort. We had just come back from a long road trip and I know it’s not easy for her, but still. This is more extreme. I have to take her to the vet this week. Please pray for us! I hope it’s not bad news. She is my heart and soul. :( I will keep you updated and post on here as soon as I know. Thanks guys!